The First Virtual Reality Tool Designed for Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

Help your clients reduce anxiety and cravings while in your care

Client Benefits


reduction in anxiety after a VR session

reduction in cravings after a VR session

increase in patient retention

highest attended group session

* Based on three 90-day pilot programs conducted with 200 patients in treatment centers in LA county


Expert Approved


This is a new tool to augment SUD treatment with a focus on chronic disease management — leveraging technology in a novel and effective manner. I was very taken aback by the results Lucid Care has shown at both large Medi-Cal and exclusive private facilities

Dr. Mario San Bartolome

Board Director, California Society of Addiction Medicine,

Medical Director, Molina Healthcare

About Lucid Care

Patients in treatment for SUDs experience anxiety and cravings that prevent them from completing treatment, leading to increased AMAs and relapses.

Lucid Care offers a HIPAA compliant Virtual Reality platform that significantly reduces cravings and anxiety for clients in substance use treatment. Our platform teaches patients mindfulness meditation as coping and relapse prevention skills. We offer a behavior change tool that facilitates learning these techniques faster and in a much easier and interactive way through sensory and visually stunning experiences. We service both SUD and mental health programs.

Centers are able to track patient progress and outcome measures. Patients fill out self-assessments on a Lucid Care tablet before and after each VR session in order to assess chance in anxiety, cravings, and triggers. Clinicians receive weekly reports that they share with their patients as a motivational tool and to further personalize each patient’s individual treatment plan.


We have treatment centers in...


Los Angeles

San Francisco

Costa Mesa

Tel Aviv

Our Product

Lucid Care provides all equipment and training to seamlessly set up centers.

We offer a monthly subscription service that includes renting equipment and software licenses to our cumulative curriculum of meditation experiences curated for behavioral health centers.  

A Lucid Care facilitator trains staff at each center on how to use Lucid Care’s platform and all equipment.  We offer tutorials on protocol and best practices.


Centers use our product...


Asset 21_1x.png

To Alleviate

Withdrawal Symtoms

Asset 25_1x.png

Adherence Tool for Medical Assisted Treatment

Asset 22_1x.png

As a method

of De-escalation

Asset 23_1x.png

At Intake

Asset 27_1x.png

In group / individual sessions 

Asset 24_1x.png

As an adjunct therapy before or during therapy sessions 


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What our clients say

 “ I was calmer all day long by just knowing I was going to have my Virtual Reality session right before my therapy session. I no longer have anxiety attacks before therapy.”

Former Client


“ The amount of anxiety

and panic I felt in treatment

was unmanageable. It was way too much. Having this tool and resource to be able to take myself out of it is unbelievable.”

Former Client

Los Angeles

“This is an excellent product. It really takes me out the world as I know it because I’m not thinking about all the things like my past or my future. It directs me to be present and focus on my treatment.”

Former Client

Los Angeles



Over 30 Years of Peer Reviewed Research Demonstrates VR’s Impact in Behavioral Health

The use of virtual reality in craving assessment and cue-exposure therapy in substance use disorders


The effectiveness of virtual reality based interventions for symptoms of anxiety and depression:

A meta-analysis

Over 30 Years of Peer Reviewed Research Demonstrates VR’s Impact in Behavioral Health


Virtual Reality Exercise for Anxiety and Depression: A Preliminary Review of Current Research in an Emerging Field


Embodying self-compassion within virtual reality and its effects on patients with depression


Virtual reality in the assessment, understanding, and treatment of mental health disorders

Read More



Rebecca Mandel

Co-founder and CEO

Rebecca co-developed the first VR study at Stanford Children's Hospital to reduce anxiety for pediatric patients before their heart procedures. She was a consultant to Stanford Psychiatry department and helped build their VR treatment lab. Previously, she led VR initiatives at Samsung Next. She founded a Marketing Agency in Israel for 5 years and has 15 years of experience in marketing.


Yahav Tako

Co-founder and CTO

Yahav built the first FDA cleared VR product for use by neurosurgeons in the OR. He was the first employee at Medical VR startup, Surgical Theater. Previously, he led the development of flight simulators for fighter jets in the Israeli Air Force for 7 years. Yahav has a total of 16 years of experience and has consulted top medical companies in VR and AR in healthcare.


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